After visiting other ministries and hearing about 24 hour prayer houses I have had the hunger to do so as well. When people are called to pray having a place with established open heavens available is extremely important.  Open heavens are real and we create places like this by dedicating theses places to the Lord and regularly use these places for worship, praise, and prayer.  I believe angels are assigned these locations and the Lord is ready to me with us nearly instantly. God honors are diligence and devotion to him.  We all can have our private place and time of prayer but the unity of people gathering in place with like-mindedness is truly a blessing.

I don't know where or how this will come to pass but please pray about this.  As we war for this it will come to pass.  The optimum solution is on the same grounds as TFH, which doesn't exist at this time either.  Other possible ideas is using a facility on the grounds or another ministry that is dedicated to this purpose.

Financially one person could make this happen or many people giving a little at a time.  Please pray for this as well that God will provide for the re-establishment of The Father's House and a 24 Hours House of Prayer.