The Father's House of Stockton began services in October of 2001, shortly after 911.  The services were held at first at San Joaquin Delta College in the North Forum.  We did what was called a cold start, no staff, no salary, no worship leader, but lots of call, hunger, and desire to serve the Lord and share our experience with others.

In the year 1998 I was touched by the power of God like never before through a minister that was likewise touched by God at the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola Florida.  I was saved in 1984 and most of my church time was in Pentecostal churches but I never witnessed anything like God was doing in this move that was happening in Toronto and Brownsville, to be the most notable places.  The Holy Spirit had stirred a hunger and desire in me that was always there, but took it to a level I never dreamed.  I wanted to share with everyone what I had experienced, and my outlet for that was The Father's House.