In America today there have been so many ministries and ministers called into question about finances that many are jaded about giving in general. On top of questionable ministries we excessive teaching on "Seed Faith" and little to no teaching true biblical giving, in tithing, alms, and free-will offerings.  Finances and misuse of funds is one of the greatest problems in the church of America.  Ministers are marketing themselves in conferences and media products to stay relevant and keep income coming in to survive.  While people like myself have to work a secular job because we choose not to be Christian hucksters/marketers.

God showed us if we look at it, that tithing was ment to support those that work in ministry so they can be about the business of God and not worried about where the next meal is coming from or how they will pay the rent.  God does wish for us to live by faith but that faith is in changing our world for His kingdom, not for faith to survive financially.  The future of TFH will be minister financing through the tithe and the tithe will be for ministers and nothing else.  All building related expenses will be the free-will offering that come from people that God stirs their hearts to give.  This is God pattern of giving, tithes for minister, free-will offering for other things, alms for the needy.

Whether you are a part of TFH or not I encourage you give your tithe to ministers, give free-will offering for other items, and forget not to give alms to the needy.  You will truly open the windows of heaven over your life.