God never changes but we sure do.  Many things I did at The Father's House or allowed I would never do again.  Most of the things we did for sure we will be doing again.  When I started The Father's House I knew we needed a place of powerful worship and prayer, however in time I noticed that people would come to visit and would not understand our worship in mannerism or length of time and would never come again.  At that time I shorten the AM service and created Holy of Holies Worship in the PM to reach both directions.  This did work to a degree but I looking back, God called me to create an Inner Court and not be a regular church with regular church things.  Regular church is extremely important and has its place but that is not my calling.  Many things that held TFH back in the past was trying to add all the regular church stuff which in turn diverted resources away from the real call.

One of my teachings of emphasis is the feeding the multitude in which there was the multitude, the disciples, and the apostle(Jesus).  There will always be three groups.  Jesus took his disciples apart and that is the inner court.  The Father's House is about the Inner Court, not saving the world but meeting the Father. Evangelism, childrens ministry, and all the other wonderful things that local churches do are important and neccessary but not the mission of The Father's House.