During the time of live services at The Father's House I brought in anointed ministers literally from all over the world.  We had various people with all kinds of different anointings and teachings they ministered in.  People came from all over California and even other states sometimes to attend our meetings.  Through these meetings many were healed and many received life changing prophetic words over their lives.  In many cases the dream and vision God gave me came to pass in the lives of many.  Even today I am told testimonies of life changing moments that took place at TFH.  One pastor shared with me after attending a special prophetic meeting I setup with ministers and business people that he resigned his church due to the confirmation he received from Prophet Dennis Cramer and God lead him in a different direction.

Not all the services or ministers I brought in were as steller as some but overall the people of this region had a great opportunity for some really special meetings and frequently as well.