I am in somewhat of quandry currently, I am working a secular job and commute to Oakland every day.  This gives me very long days with little time for anything else.  The good thing about this I am using my comute time for prayer, worship, and soaking in the Word.  I look forward to commute in the darkness every morning, no music, just me and the Lord.  I have about one and half hours to pray, worship, and ponder every morning and I love it.  On the way home I get two to two and half hours of the audio Bible every day which equates to going through the Word four times a year.  God placed me on this mission of prayer and study about two years ago and it is amazing.

I have been praying and asking God, what is the next chapter for me, I certainly am not getting younger.  With no answer until lately.  I feel the Lord is showing me to war for a rebirth of The Father's House, yet in a different way.  TFH was never a normal church so to speak and in the future will be even more different. To add to my hunger I have been to some meetings/conferences where the Holy Spirit was really moving and this has stirred up the hunger to a new higher level again.

War with me for what God has for us all in the near future.