I was born in Stockton California and his spent most of my life in Stockton, both as a residence and work place.  My parents were both born in Oklahoma and found they way to Stockton.  My mother's family came to Stockton during WWII for work in the ship yards when she was about five years old.  My dad's family did likewise, living in Lodi but did not stay in the area and eventually returned to Oklahoma.  After serving the Korean War my dad returned to Stockton and met my mom and the rest is history. 

I went to Lodi schools, living in north Stockton and have witnessed all the growth and changes in Stockton for sixty plus years.  As children my parents did attend church when my brother and I were very young but mostly sent us to church.  As teens with driver's license and car, church became a thing of the past.

There were a few dreams as a child of what to do as an adult but no clear direction as I became a teen.  My parents were more about "get a good job with benefits" than encouraging a specific career path or college. My career path mirrored that of the father in becoming a mechanic.  Even as child I liked puzzles, taking things and part and putting them back together, so a mechanic was a great fit for me moved to top of my field with basic on the job training and self exploration.  I moved up the ladder in foreman's positions to my current position with a regional water district.

I was married early and have four children and currently four grandchildren.  Getting married early with similar direction for getting married as selecting a career path from my parents, my marriage failed showing me the great tragedy that so many go through and live with the consequenses the rest of their lives.