Though I was attending Pentecostal churches soon after being saved, I really never saw much of God's power and only occasionally the worship portion of a service would have heavier than normal presence of God. I remember one older lady when there was prayer line that one hand always shook and she fell to the ground but never any one else.  Back in those days it seemed like messages and interpretation of tongues took place more often and it was usually a part of a particular service when the worship was really good. That was the extent of my Pentecostal experience.

All the dramatic stories people told of being filled with Holy Spirit dwarfed my at home experience that I even doubted at times.  Being hungry I tried to learn about past revivals such as Azusa Street revival, I wanted to know all about and was hungry for more.

Finally while living in Valley Springs, we had a new pastor and he was talking about bringing in this evangelist and something about the Brownsville Revival.  This was in 1998 and looking back I was offended that I was attending an AG church all this time the reveal was happening in an AG church and it took three years for me to hear about it. Never the less I was skeptical about these upcoming revival meetings.  They were talking about having to have covering cloths and men to catch people and I am thinking they are over doing it, remembering the one lady with the shaking hand from the past.

Just before these meetings began this new pastor showed a water baptism service from Brownsville and I was now a believer.  What I saw in this video was like nothing I ever dream of, people violently shaking under the power and passionately sharing their testimony.  The witness to this video in my spirit gave me high hopes for what was a head.

As expected the meetings were nothing like I had ever seen or felt, 75 % of the people were laid out on floor under the power of God after the first service. This was amazing and stirred my hunger for more and more of His Presence and Power.

I began going anywhere I could go to be touched by more power and giftings of the Holy Spirit and through this the seed of The Father's House was birthed in me to share what God was doing in me with others.