It's odd to talk about services at TFH since there are none at the moment. This is about the vision God has given me and hopefully this page will have to be updated soon.  TFH will be a place as Dennis Cramer prophesied in 2002, "A Place of Strong Worship and Strong Teaching."  This will take place in typical services that TFH began with in 2001.  Worship portion of the service is done when it is done then sharing from the Word as God puts a fresh word on my heart each service.  TFH will not even attempt to have traditional ministries such as children's church, women's or men's ministries.  We will leave those things for the traditional churches that do a great job at them in most cases.  Looking back, trying to do some of these ministries pulled resources away from the main thing, going after God.  The people that will be attending TFH will be hungry and passionate prayer warriors and worshippers and many that finance the things at TFH may not even attend the services but know they must give and sustain what God wants to do through TFH.

TFH will have special meetings with anointed ministers from all over the world bringing gifting's and anointing's to Stockton to impart to individuals and the region.  The services of the past as well as those of the future will shape what happens in this region both corporately and individually.